Areola tattoos

Recapturing confidence

An areola tattoo is an aesthetic procedure conducted on the breast.  Areola tattoos are developed making use of the exact same technique as other tattoos, which involves implanting ink under the skin to develop a permanent image. However, areola tattoos often include extremely fine mixing and also feathering to give them an exceptionally all-natural appearance.

The purpose of an areola tattoo, which can also include a brand-new nipple, is to aid breast cancer survivors to feel more comfortable in their bodies after surgery. After going through surgical treatment or a double mastectomy, if both breasts are influenced, many cancer survivors still don’t really feel secure with their bodies. Areola tattoos can be an excellent means for ladies to create the bodies they want to enhance their positive self-image as well as feel relaxed in their own skin. For those that desire something a little quicker and much easier than nipple restoration surgery, it’s likewise a superb option.

Although areola tattoos are an excellent source for breast cancer survivors, other factors are also perfectly appropriate to get inked. It offers you complete control over exactly how a part of your body appears. Some individuals like to make use of ink to alter the form or color of their nipple areas.

Recovering together

At the end of the areola tattooing, your tattoo specialist will use a tattoo dressing. With the Saniderm dressing you will be able to shower and live life normally while your tattoo is healing. We recommend keeping it on for 5-7 days. To guarantee your areola tattoo recovers completely, be sure to keep the location completely dry and also clean. You can shower or bath 24-hour after the procedure, yet you should not make use of soap on the area or submerge it in water. It generally takes 10 to 14 days for a nipple tattoo to recover. However, this isn’t always the situation because an individual’s skin health and wellness will inevitably influence the healing time.