Permanent Makeup Removal

Unwanted permanent makeup?

If you’re dissatisfied with your PMU, do not stress; permanent makeup removal is possible. Laser, glycolic acid, and saline removal are your options. Permanent makeup is an exceptional way to improve your appearance. It can mimic the appearance of any makeup design, hide minor scars, and correct any defects you are awkward about. The most considerable benefit of PMU is that it does not clean off and can last for months or years, depending upon the treatment. Nevertheless, that relief can become a nightmare if it doesn’t work out and you’re unhappy with the results.

The most efficient permanent makeup removal methods are laser, saline, and glycolic acid removal. These treatments require several sessions separated by times for the skin to recover. So, if you decide to get rid of your PMU, anticipate it to take numerous months.
There are a couple of less aggressive and more economical methods, however they are less efficient. They consist of topical chemical solution elimination, which has yet to be proven effective, and intense exfoliation through microdermabrasion, which can fade however not remove the outcomes.

Laser permanent makeup removal can only be done on cosmetic tattoos that are at least 6 months old. Otherwise, the pigment strength might cause the laser to trigger skin damage.

Professional removal

This is how it is done. The laser beam will be traced over the undesirable pigments by the professional. As the laser beam permeates the skin and targets the pigment particles, the heat integrated with the laser energy breaks the particles down into even smaller sized particles, which the white blood cells eject, diminishing the area.

In a sense, saline elimination is the opposite of tattooing. The removal specialist opens the skin above the undesirable pigments with a machine or a blade before injecting a saline service, which is an unique removal option. The service will trigger the pigments to dry out.

A scab will develop once the cuts made start to recover. The dried-up pigments get raised and stuck in the scab, and when the scab falls off, the pigment follows it. This is why some PMU elimination specialists describe this procedure as regulated scabbing.

If performed appropriately, saline elimination is very reliable. A top-notch saline option need to be applied, and the artist must determine the correct depth. It can practically totally remove the unwanted cosmetic tattoo with some perseverance and works for all pigment colors.